Bapatla Women’s Engineering College is one of the seven educational Institutions founded and run by BAPATLA EDUCATION SOCIETY. The society was established in the year 1962 registered (No: 58/1962) under societies act XXI of 1860 with the objectives to fund and run the educational & cultural Institutions
S. No. Name of the College Establishment
1. Bapatla College of Arts & Sciences 1963
2. Bapatla Engineering College(Autonomous) 1981
3. Bapatla Public School 1987
4. Bapatla Junior College 1994
5. Bapatla College of Pharmacy 1995
6. Bapatla Polytechnic College 2001
7. Bapatla Womens’ Engineering College 2009


Bapatla women’s Engineering College has been established with forethought to organize the growing needs of higher technical education for WOMEN, in order to provide them a competitive edge and a unique niche in the society.

We at BWEC are determined to create a conducive environment with updated technological inputs and latest information to facilitate the students with a pleasant feel in acquiring knowledge and skills required to make them globally competitive technocrats.


Our mission is to impart the quality education on par with global standards to the students from all over india and in particular those from the local and rural areas. We continuously try to maintain high standards so as to make them technologically competent and ethically strong individuals who shall be able to improve the quality of life and economy of our country


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy of the BWEC is committed to imparting quality education & Training  leading to degree in “Engineering” and aims at being a global institution through continual improvement of its scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality management system. The quality policy is communicated and understood by all stake holders with in the institute and is reviewed for continuing suitability.



The college is especially lucky regarding the commitment of the management. The management members are imbued with a spirit of selfless service and believe in the principle of Academic autonomy. Transparency of all financial transactions is strictly adhered and all payments and receipts are through DD’s and Cheques only. The Management obtains objective feedback about all aspects of the college and suitably advises and motivates employees in a discrete manner.

The constructional works are personally supervised by the management not entrusted to contractors. Good quality materials are negotiated at best price personally by the management. College buildings are constructed by the management at about 50% of the cost of the approved Scheduled Rates (SR) of the State Govt. without compromising the quality.

As a mark of commitment to good management, rules and regulations are applied with justice and fair play. Above all the management makes all out effort to provide healthy environment on the campus.

  GOVERNANCE Structure of the Governing Council of the College.

Management Representatives (5)

Vice- President
Joint Secretary & Correspondent
Member Secretary Principal (Ex-Officio)
AICTE Nominee SRO, AICTE (Ex-Officio), Chennai
Nominee of DTE Sri. M.V. Ranganath, Secretary, SBTE
University Nominee Prof. Y.V.Reddy, Dept.Of. Maths, NU.
Industrialist/ Educationist To be nominated.